Light & Appliance Automation

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Gone are the days when you would have to walk all the way to switch on a light. Wait, gone are the days when you needed a switch at all!!

We have tied up with the world's best Lighting companies to provide beauty, convenience and unbelievable customization for different areas in your house, down to an individual light to ensure the lighting in your dream home matches the ambience you want to set for the occasion or the time of the day, or to simply reflect your current mood.

Your lights don't behave as individual units any more, but act together in symphony to create different moods and effects to suit your moods (and to impress guests/girlfriends/your old uncle who doesn't believe in the magic of automation!). Different presets can include party, reading, dinner, relaxation modes along with many others!

Individual lights don't just switch on or off but can change brightness as per your convenience, that too from your phone(its almost addictive).